gngr v0.3, usability and javascript improvements

by hrj on Thu, 08 Jan 2015

A new version of gngr is available (version 0.3.0) with improvements to usability and to the javascript engine. The release is available from the download page.


Context menu

You can right click on the page to get a context menu that allows you to

Issue #30.

Nimbus Look and Feel

The browser now uses a different look and feel called Nimbus. Earlier, gngr defaulted to the System Look and Feel, which didn't render menus very well. Issue #70.

Javascript stability

We fixed a long standing bug with the Javascript engine. It was a hard to reproduce, non-terminating loop that required ugly hacks to workaround. But with this release, we were able to find the root-cause and make a proper fix. The resulting code is cleaner and Javascript execution is a little faster. This will pave the way for many DOM API and other Javscript related improvements. Details in #29.

Layout improvements



If you would like to support the development of gngr, please consider contributing to the project.

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